Projects with Sma Mathibeli


Dinner with…

Dinner with (selected guests) is a concept that is rooted on the selection of a certain individuals that is excelling and doing exceptionally well in their business, career or any line of work that this individuals is in. This candidate is therefore tasked to select approximately three of their friends or other individuals that they relate with that they also strong believe that are excelling in what they are currently doing. The individuals are thereafter profiled and looking at what they do and the different areas of discussion they will look at during their dinner that should be structured and grounded to impact and make a difference in the lives of those that will attend and will be having dinner with the candidates.

The main objective of this event is to ‘Enhance awareness and create a more informed understanding on the opportunities, issues and approaches of Entrepreneurship Empowerment with resultant attention and resources directed towards supporting entrepreneurs’.


At Sma Mathibeli’s Table – “Women leading with Significance”

An annual event which takes place periodically every year. This concept was inspired by my vision and passion as a young woman building and shaping her own and other women’s destinies –  to empower women towards ensuring that every woman understands that their opinions matter because, WOMEN MATTER.

The main focus of these series of events is to create opportunities for women who are already leaders in their spheres of influence to become the best version of themselves. Giving them the realities of what it means to lead with significance, passion, and purpose in the complex, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous world that so many African Women face within the Political Economy.

At Sma Mathibeli’s Table” features dynamic leaders who have gained the practical tools knowledge and skills to overcome these challenges and who have achieved personal effectiveness through enhanced leadership and management skills. These are Women Leaders who have learned to thrive in a world of gender equality challenges, to share more insight on how they overcame their challenges. This also provides industry leaders (those who have achieved high positions in management or those who run a successful business/businesses) a networking and sharing environment that is relevant to their profile and career.

The aim is to inspire women and young women to believe in their equal opportunities in education and in work life and to encourage them to make brave choices and decisions, most importantly to lead with significance.